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Guy Hauptman is a New York State certified teacher licensed to teach Chemistry and Biology.


Guy has taught both subjects for over 13 years now in New York City public and private high schools. During that time, he has also tutored students publicly and privately, on an individual level as well as through Regents Crash Courses.

He can be found on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/biovideotutor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PassTheLivingEnvironmentRegents


29 comments on “About Us
  1. Jennifer Belfiore says:

    Please send me more videos! I use them in an academic intervention class to students who have failed the Living Environment Regents more than once!

  2. Erin Sharkey says:

    Thanks so much! These are awesome:)

  3. Linda Chiras says:

    Teach Living Environment and Honors Biology.

  4. Kim Agar says:

    Thanks so much for doing these! What a great resource!

  5. Lindsay Catone says:

    These are great! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. janki patel says:

    pleases post more videos soon as possible regents are on the way …but I love it thank u so much

  7. kristin says:

    I want pass the regents

  8. chinique says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!post more videos soon as possible regents are on the way …but I love it thank u so much

  9. D LaChance says:

    What a wonderful supplement to the review that we already use. You reinforce many of the test taking strategies that we ask our students to utilize.

  10. Bala says:

    Paz post more videos soon, Living environment is on the way.

  11. Debbie McIntyre says:

    Great stuff!

  12. Kit Marshall says:

    I teach Essentials and Regents Biology. Starting regents review this month and hope to use your video resources to fill-in.

  13. Diana says:

    I really want to pass my regents for living Environment this year. Now i feel like i have a chance which is really exciting please continue doing more videos

  14. Akther says:


  15. kristin says:

    Please send me more videos!

  16. Lizzie Brown says:

    I hope this will help with the regents exam.

  17. Tanya Jain says:

    Where can i see those vides

  18. tina dee says:

    love the video – very helpful for learning

  19. Nancy Haman says:

    I teach Living Environment in a school that is located within a chidren’s psychiatric hospital. These videos are amazing. Since I am a special education teacher, they help me as well as the kids!!! May I have more please?

  20. Karen says:

    I really want to pass the Living Enviroment regents this year. The videos are great. I’d appreciate if you can post more videos as soon as possible, beacause the regents is in 2 weeks. It’d would help me a lot.

  21. Abdul says:

    Thank you post more videos

  22. Lora says:


  23. Nicky Wilson says:

    It’s really helpful.

  24. Tyler says:


  25. Kia says:

    the videos are great and very easy to understand than the text books e get.

  26. yuki iyamu says:

    i want to pass my regents i fine the videos really helpful plz continue more i really apperciate

  27. daniel says:

    this website rocks i think i am going to pass the living environment regents with a 65 if i look at all of the videos.

  28. Kaddy says:

    This look like a really good website but I just need the whole video please I really need help

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